Operation Peace Spring

Together with the Syrian National Army, the Turkish Armed Forces has launched the Operation Spring of Peace against the terrorist organizations PKK/YPG and DAESH on 9 October 2019 in northern Syria.

The terrorist organizations PKK/PYD-YPG occupied some of Syria’s energy resources and they aim to transfer this oil and gas that they occupied to the Mediterranean sea via Hatay by establishing a “terror corridor“ under the name of “energy corridor“. With this operation Turkey wants to ensure the security of it’s territory permanently, by preventing the formation of this corridor. Also in the recent past many civilians were wounded by the rockets and mortar bombs that were fired at Turkey’s land by the PYD/PKK terrorists. The PYD/PKK terrorists who opened a large number of harassing fires towards the Turkish side, carries out attacks by infiltrating frequently from the occupied Tel Rifat to Afrin and Euphrates Shield regions. Again In 2016-2018, 5 tunnels which were excavated by the PYD/PKK terrorists, with lengths of 35 meters and 400 meters opening to the Qamishli area of Syria from Nusaybin district of Mardin were closed by the security forces.

Turkey aims to terminate the attacks of the the terrorist organization PYD/PKK with this military operation carried out in the eastern Euphrates. In addition, the Turkmens, Arabs and Kurds lived together in this region before the PYD/PKK occupation. The PYD/PKK terrorist organization is changing the demographic structure of the region by expelling the Arabs, Turkmens and Kurds in the region who are opposing them. While many religious groups are exiled, all opposing tribes were largely damaged. Turkey anticipates the restoration of the demographic structure of the region and to ensure security with this campaign.

Another aim of the operation is to create a safe zone in Syria and to return the Syrian asylum seekers, who live densely in Turkey and Europe, to their homeland. In the case of the operation being successful, asylum seekers will be placed in this safe region without worries for their life and property. This will be beneficial in terms of both reinstatement of asylum seekers to their homeland and in terms of their ultimate relief from increasing refugee hatred as well as in terms of significantly diminishing the responsibilities of the European countries they have to fulfill towards asylum seekers. In this way, the social and economic arguments of the right-wing currents rising especially in Europe, in relation to asylum seekers will be eliminated.

On the other hand within the scope of the international law and the UN Charter, Turkey has the right to carry out this operation and does not violate the UN’s prohibition on the use of force; on the contrary, it is realizing this operation to protect the integrity of the soil of Syria.

On the other hand, the Turkish Army fulfills all the responsibilities that is required by International Humanitarian Law, towards the civilian population living in the region. Through this operation, Syria’s territorial integrity will be ensured and and the civilian population in the region will be relieved ofpressure from terrorist organizations. Peace and tranquility will be brought back to the region.

We as UID, support this move of the Republic of Turkey and expect the international community to support this operation in the name of humanity and solidarity.  


Bülent Bilgi

President of the UID

UID’s press release due to terrorist attacks on two mosques in New Zealand

The infamous terrorist attacks against people who worship placidly in New Zealand shook us deeply.

Terrorists who were enemies of Muslims attacked two mosques during Friday prayer today and at least 49 people were massacred after these attacks. We pray for those who died and pray to Allah for the patience of their immediate family.

In recent years we have witnessed the rise of Muslim hostility in many countries around the world with great concern. Violence against Muslim civilians has now gone beyond being the case in the countries where civil war prevailed or in dictatorships. In many democratic countries, we see the revival of Islamophobia, which has led to terrorist attacks against Muslims in recent years. One of the main reasons for this development is the growing hate speech towards Muslims, which is ignored by the right wing ideologies.

In Europe, for example, in many democratic countries, we see that anti-Muslim hate speech in the centre of society has increased and this situation has reached a horrifying level.

This dangerous development threatens the lives of people who maintain their daily lives in peace in these countries. This growing hostility towards Muslims poses a major threat to democracy. This hatred towards Muslims should not be ignored as a marginal issue by governments and the media around the world.

In this context, we offer our deepest condolences to the families of the terror victims in New Zealand


Announced with honour to the public.

UID Board of Directors



Press release on UID‘s Board of Directors election and change of Name

Press release on UID‘s Board of Directors election and change of Name

On 20th May 2018, the 6th General Assembly of the Union of European Turkish Democrats (UETD) was held at Sarajevo Olympic Sports Hall, with our guest of honour, the President of the Republic of Turkey, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Bülent Bilgi was elected by the delegates as the new President of UETD and took over from Zafer Sırakaya. Between 2016-2018, Bilgi took the position as the general secretary of UETD. In addition to this, the delegates voted to change the name of the Union of European Democrats (UETD) to the Union of International Democrats (UID) and elected the 25 members of the board of directors. The distribution of the duties of the elected board members will be announced by our new elected President, Mr. Bilgi, in the coming days.

Founded in 2004, our association has been cooperating with other European Turkish associations, that are involved in activities aimed at improving the social and cultural environment in their countries. Furthermore, UETD has undertaken efforts to ensure the active participation of European citizens with Turkish background/ citizenship in political, administrative and economic fields and has endeavoured to raise the standard of living of our people. The name change, from UETD to UID, bring forth an important requirement: UID is the first step, which extend our activities from Europe to the world. In the coming years, UID will undertake the role of being a bridge between Turkey and its citizens abroad. In the coming days, our social media accounts and website will be updated due to the name change.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in our general assembly from all over Europe, especially President Erdogan, and we pray and thank to Allah for being successful in this path.


Olive Branch Operation

The government of the Republic of Turkey, with the support of the opposition parties and social
consensus, has decided to take military action and Turkish Armed Forces on January 20th 2018 has
launched the Olive Branch Operation.

This operation is performed undoubtedly as a result of actions of PKK, PYD, DEAS and similar terror
organisation which are threats towards the public within the region and Republic of Turkey.

“Operation Olive Branch” has started in a way that it is appropriate with Art 51 of the United Nations
Legitimate Defence of Rights and decisions of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) against
terrorism and in particular resolutions of 1624 (2005), 2170 (2014) and 2178 (2014).

Just as “Euphrates Shield” this operation is aimed to eliminate the desired terrorist corridor on Turkeys
southern border, ultimately put an end to the pressure of the terrorist organisations on the region and
to restore peace within region. Violence, instability and actions aimed at the demographic structure of
the region and the public by terror organisations including PKK, YPG, PYD and other similar
organisation, which have been gaining field along Turkey’s southern border, have made this operation

PYD and YPG which are extensions to the PKK have also targeted civilians not only outside Turkey
but also within turkey which is well-known. These treacherous organisations in recent years have led
to hundreds of casualties and thousands of wounded, especially in the attacks of Hendek Kalkismasi,
Istanbul Vezneciler and Kizilay Guvenpark.

Violence and conflict within borders of Turkey and the operations of the above mentioned terror
organisations have led to three and a half million innocent people, whom 370 thousand being Kurdish,
to being forced to leave their homeland and go to Turkey as a safe country.

Turkey’s human and conscience oriented politics has opened its doors to refugees regardless of race,
language or religion making Turkey a country with the most assistance to refugees in the world today.
Turkey, to put an end to the desired terrorist generation being formed on its borders and to attacks
towards hospitals and so civilians without any real target, have seen this operation as being obligatory.

Turkey has announced that it does not target with this operation Syria’s territorial integrity or the
Turkmen, Kurds or Arabs living within the region. Here, as mentioned above, the target is terrorist
organisations such as PKK, YPG, PYD and DAES and other similar terror organisations.

It is obvious that Turkey being an ally of NATO, this operation also aims at maintain the southern
border of NATO.
The instability caused by terrorist organisations in the region directly affects the security of the
European Union member states. Operation Olive Branch an important obstacle to prevent a new
wave of migration to the European Union.

Claims that actions taken are towards civilians and innocent people by those targeting the operation
and to also leave Turkey in a difficult situation in the international arena is not as such. On the
contrary, it is seen that terrorists like PYD in Afrin use civilians by force as human shields. We believe
that the Turkish Armed Forces performing this operation show maximum attention, effort and

The “Olive Branch Operation” conduct by Turkish Armed Forces has been carried out transparently
with the necessary information given to its allies and neighbouring countries since the beginning.
With the aims of peace, serenity and security, we request that this operation is supported by the
international community and see that its indispensable to be beside the innocent public within the
region and Turkey against terrorism.

Announced with honour to the public.

The provision of peace in Jerusalem means the protection of world peace

UETD’s press release titled „The provision of peace in Jerusalem means the protection of world peace“

President of the United States Donald Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is an indication of irresponsibility. Trumps irresponsible and unfair decision has brought the already halted peace process in the Middle East to a dead end.
Jerusalem, which is regarded as being a sacred city of peace and tolerance is equally important to Jews, Christians and Muslims, and should not be used as a tool for US and Israeli domestic politics based on one persons biased ideological views.
This decision made by President Trump, prevents consultations on the proposal of a two-state solution. Due to current domestic politics of the region, such a decision has the potential to harm global peace. Trump’s approach not only threatens peace in the region, but global peace as well. Another war is the last that’s needed in the crisis zone. For this reason, statements and reactions made by opinion leaders, religious leaders and politicians making warnings on war scenarios should be taken seriously.
Muslim countries of the Near and Middle East, as well as the prudent and responsible powers of the European Union, United States and the United Nations, must take active and credible steps to mediate in Palestine. The occupation of Palestinian land and efforts to evacuate Palestinians from their home land is a clear violation of International Law and human rights.

Equipped with nuclear war heads and latest war weaponry, Israel is constantly violating human rights and committing war crimes against the largely vulnerable civilian population of Palestine. Many human rights organizations, voluntary workers, independent journalists and observers have documented such cases, but these cases are often not heard. Even conscientious Israelis and religious Jews strongly criticize the inhuman actions of the Israeli government and the army.
We call on all governments and agencies to not abide by Trump’s wrong approach. Jerusalem is a sacred city not only for Jews but also for Christians and Muslims.

We are calling on all governments and communities to respect international law in the name of world peace, human dignity, respect for human rights and to stand against this decision made by President Trump which is also aviolation of international law. A strategically made decision will prevent escalating the tension

It is also worth noting that any reaction and protest must be peaceful.

We Must refrain from reacting to provocations because
Jerusalem must stand for peace!

Terror propaganda in the Federal Assembly

Zafer Sırakaya, chairman of the Union of European of Turkish Democrats (UETD), refered to the actions of the Left Party MP Sevim Dağdelens in Federal Parliament as a scandal and stated „the demonstration of the prohibited flags of the YPG which is a branch of the PKK terrorist organization is an act of terrorist propaganda in the Bundestag which openly opposes the free – democratic constitution of the Federal republic.“

The forbidden Terrorist flags have not been shown for the first time in the Bundestag. Previously, the left-wing parliamentary deputy Jan van Aken held a PKK flag in the Federal Parliament in March 2015. Following the left party MP Sevim Dagdelens actions, it is clear that the Federal Parliament is being used as a tool for individuals as such to display their ideologies, resulting in scandals as such.

We are saddened that the Left Party has taken the role of being the PKK spokesman’s in German politics. Left Party deputy Sevim Dagdelen who is known to have close ties with the PKK terrorist organization, has only received condemnation. We anticipate a clearer stand against terrorist organizations.

For this reason, we are calling on the Federal Republic’s political, media and security authorities to condemn and prevent the spread of the terrorist propaganda

The position of the UETD against political parties in Europe

The position of the Union of European Turkish Democrats against political parties in Europe

Parliamentary elections have recently taken place in a number of the European Union countries where Turkish immigrants live. Federal Parliament elections which took place in France and the Netherlands last term, and the coming elections of Germany in September 2017 are also closely related to the Turkish diaspora. The European Union of Turkish Democrats closely follows the ongoing debate and feels that it is imperative to share concerns with the public.
Parties such as the „AfD“ in Germany, „Front National“ in France, „PVV“ in the Netherlands and „FPÖ“ in Austria trigger public opinion and create discrimination through immigrant and Islamic fear which can be regarded as new populism. In addition, parties such as „Die Linke“, „Bündnis90 / Die Grünen“ together with other parties, sympathies those which are known as terrorist organizations and through their discourse create legitimate grounds for these terror groups.

In this context, the Union of European Turkish Democrats of the European Union is making a distinction between itself and extreme right-wing parties and leftist parties which are close to terrorist organizations and develop politics over the immigrant opposition. It is advisable for our society to be cautious on the same level towards these parties because of their existing policies.


Union of European Turkish Democrats (UETD) Board of Directors

Disrespect of the Dutch Government

basın Acıklaması FatmaBetülSayanKaya ingilizce

The great disrespect of the Dutch Government to the Republic of Turkey’s Minister of Family and Social Policy.

Mevlüt Cavusoglu’s, Minister of Foreign Affairs for Turkey, visit to Holland where he was going to come together with the Turks in Holland on 11th March was blocked by the Dutch government. Following this, Dr Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya, the Minister of Family and Social Policy, was detained at a distance of thirty meters to the Turkish Republic Rotterdam Consulate, and there have been devastating developments that are incompatible with democratic rights and freedoms. Diplomatic customs have been violated as Minister of Family and Social Policy, Dr Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya, and the Holland Ambassador for Turkey was taken into custody and made to wait for an extended period of time after which the minister was deported.

The Dutch Turks who were peacefully expressing their reactions in support of the minister within a democratic framework were subject to the attacks of and wounded by the police forces who employed horses and dogs without differentiating between women, children and press members.


UETD President Zafer Sırakaya condemned the Dutch Government and Police.

„It is unacceptable for the Dutch police, who we have witnessed to have quietly watched the demonstrations of terrorist organisations, to even employ water cannons to disperse a gathering, who had only gathered in front of the consulate to express their views without any violent tendencies.

This repulsive attitude of the Dutch authorities, which emphasizes their commitment to democracy and freedom, is an unacceptable attack on the democratic rights of the Turkish community in the Netherlands and the honour of members of the press who went to perform their duty. Moreover, this poor and impudent treatment towards a lady can never be approved. We strongly condemn this practice, which has been deemed acceptable, that has subjected the minister, our citizens and members of press to violence.

The Turkish community of Holland should not be sacrificed to a racist political movement whose discourse includes reducing the existence of some ethnic and religious group and the closure of mosques. This situation is a great threat to the Dutch and Europeans peoples who believe in European values and democracy.” Through this, Sırkaya stressed that for the two friendly and ally allied countries, whose relations transcends 400 years, there has never been a time when such an stance as this was taken towards each other. He also reiterated that the thousands of ethnic Turkish people who live in Holland have for many years been contributing to the development of the country.

The Dutch Turkish society should not be sacrificed to a racist political act with discourses such as the reduction of the presence of certain ethnic and religious groups, the closure of the mosques. This is a huge threat to the Dutch and European peoples who believe in European values and democracy. „He stressed that over 400 years of unbroken relations between the friendly and the allied two countries have never been in such a position against each other in the transcendental process. Reminded of the significant contributions that the population of hundreds of thousands of Turkish people living in Turkey provided for the development of the country for years.

We have no doubt that the Dutch Turks will not give rise to the provocations and will continue their stance of sensitivity and reason and hope that Holland will rectify this great mistake as soon as possible.